Town-wide Meeting Draws Huge Crowd

Press Release - December 14, 2017

Published in Warwick Advertiser

On Monday, Dec 11th, more than 150 Warwick residents attended the much-anticipated Community Voices meeting at the Warwick Middle School. 

The crowd represented a true cross-section of the larger community — the Villages and Hamlets, farmers, artists, merchants, musicians, commuters and local government officials — all were there and actively participating. 

That meeting was one of the key events in the Community Visioning project that has been going on since late summer. Those who came were asked to do two things: first, to vote, using hi-tech electronic keypads, on which goals they felt were most important to the entire community; and second to suggest possible “game-changing ideas” for Warwick. 

While the complete results of the voting and the idea-generating won’t be known officially for a few weeks, positive ideas have already emerged about things such as improved zoning for balanced growth, better pedestrian access and safety, bike lanes, infrastructure improvements, and much more. 

Working together

One of the strongest outcomes of the meeting was the sense that if the entire Town were to grow in the best way, it would take a balance of government action and increased civic engagement, with residents in all communities working together. 

Fortunately, that hoped-for civic engagement was fully evident at the meeting. As the meeting drew to a close, fully 90% of those in attendance said they were willing to get involved in helping the Vision process move forward and 86 people signed individual pledge cards detailing how they were willing to help.

What happens now

Once Community 2000 and the Visioning Steering Committee have reviewed and organized the data by category, action teams will be formed — some governmental, some community-based, some mixed — to determine how best to make these ideas become reality.

“The table is set”, said Steering Committee member Erika Grizzanti. “We started with buy-in from the 4 governments, and now we have both the community-generated ideas and the boots on the ground to make them happen. People should look for things to start happening in early 2018, and the easiest way is via the website,, or the Community2gether Facebook page”

 Part of the audience that turned out for the Community Voices meeting on Dec. 11.

Part of the audience that turned out for the Community Voices meeting on Dec. 11.

Press Release - November 27, 2017

Open Call to all Warwickians

This is an open call to all Warwickians: wouldn’t you like to have some say about what will and won’t happen here in the next 20 years? You can! 

Warwick — the entire Town and the 3 Villages — is in the middle of a Visioning project called Community2gether. Visioning involves a community coming together and deciding what they do and don’t want to see in their community. Those four words, “coming together and deciding,” will be the focus of the Town-wide Community Voices meeting on Monday, December 11 from 7 - 9 pm at the Warwick Middle School cafeteria. 

If you’re concerned about how Warwick can grow and prosper without losing the special qualities that make the Town, the Villages, the hamlets special … come to this meeting.

If you would like to see young people and seniors be able to afford to live here … come to this meeting.

If you have ideas for the kinds of businesses you would like to see — or not see — in our community … come to this meeting.

If you like your community just the way it is … come to this meeting. If you see some things that you know could be done better … come to this meeting. If you think it’s a bad idea to sit back and just accept what happens … come to this meeting.

It’s time to “come together and decide” on December 11. Mark your calendars!

Published in The Warwick Advertiser, October 3, 2017.

WARWICK — The town-wide visioning process, led by Community 2000 and known as Community2gether, is an attempt to engage the entire Warwick Valley community — residents, farmers, merchants — in a structured exercise to look 10 to 20 years down the road and envision what the best possibilities might be and then to work collaboratively, municipal governments and community members together, to turn those best possibilities into realities... READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Press Release - September 10, 2017

Community Vision Project to kick off with potluck picnic

Community 2000, Warwick’s community development non-profit, along with Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton, Mayors Jesse Dwyer, Greenwood Lake, Michael Newhard, Warwick, and Jim Pawliczek, Florida will host a potluck picnic party to kick off the 2017 Community Visioning survey. 

The family-friendly event, is to be held on Sunday, September 10 from 3-6 PM at Warwick Town Park on Union Corners Rd. Children of all ages are welcome. 

The name of the Community Visioning project is “TOGETHER: Building Tomorrow Today.” The process invites everyone who lives or works anywhere in the Warwick Valley to think about how they would like to see their community develop over the next 20 years. 

The public is encouraged to share their ideas by completing a survey that will be posted on the TOGETHER website -  – starting the following day. The survey will ask questions about the quality of life throughout the Warwick Valley. It will take only 7 or 8 minutes to complete and will be totally anonymous. Community 2000 is hoping for at least 1,000 completed surveys before the end of September. 

Survey results will be posted on the TOGETHER website. Public meetings will be scheduled in November to review survey results, suggest additions, and prioritize preliminary community goals to serve as the foundation of the TOGETHER vision. 

“It’s up to YOU, the public, to imagine what the Warwick Valley has the potential to achieve. It will be as bold as your imagination! Learn more when you join us for the kick-off potluck picnic party,” adds Community 2000 President Roger Moss.

Published in the Warwick Valley Dispatch - July 8, 2017

Community 2000, in partnership with the Town of Warwick and the Villages of Florida, Greenwood Lake and Warwick, is organizing a major effort to create a shared vision for the future of the entire Warwick community. The four municipalities have funded the major part of this project and have designated Community 2000 to be project manager... READ THE FULL ARTICLE


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